dimanche 1 février 2009


by Alain Legaret
Original: Disproportionné translated from french by the GAP Team

Disproportionate: a word used to show its disappointment when there were not enough Jews killed.

Example: Israel attacked Gaza in a disproportionate way. The death toll was more than 1 000, while it sustained 18 dead "only".

The attacks of the NATO themselves were never considered as disproportionate.
The attacks of France were never considered as disproportionate.
The attacks of the Coalition were never considered as disproportionate.
The Islamists’ attacks were never considered as disproportionate.
Even on September 11th 2001, the attacks making thousands of victims in just a few minutes were never considered as disproportionate.

It is only when Israel moves, when the sneaky pacifists get up and shout «How horrible, THIS is disproportionate! »

According to the definition of dictionaries, disproportionate means : out of proportion.

Consequently, if Israel followed its recommendations for the spilled Jewish blood, it should answer in a proportioned way, that is by respecting the notion of proportion.

“What would that mean exactly?”

It would mean, by looking at the facts, that there are approximately hundred times more Muslims on earth than Jews; that when the Islamists of the Hamas, applying literally doubtful Koranic teachings, murder 18 Jews in the name of Allah, Jews in return should kill 100 times more. Which is approximately 1 800 Muslims. That is what would logically be a proportioned answer, which we suspect would certainly " delight joyfully " the big word-manipulating non-violent writers.

That is according to these new legal rules established by those who do not know what more to invent in order to accuse Israel. The Jewish State would thus have their authorization to kill another 800 Muslims in Gaza, to even the score.

By continuing their macabre logic, does a proportioned reaction in their sense, also imply that as an answer to the last Islamist attacks of Bombay, which made 9 Jewish victims because they were Jews, the sacrosanct proportion would justify the right to send to the cemetery another 900 Muslims with the approval of the Nations so that in the UNO would applaud and declare : " it's correct, it is proportioned "?

Does it mean that reacting in a proportioned way is an answer to the inquisition which made several thousand of victims in Spain, that it goes back to the right for Jews to flatten the Vatican, to murder its 1 000 inhabitants and to find somewhere else some hundreds of thousand more Christians to be tortured to death, just to be able to exercise its right of proportion?

Does it mean that reacting in a proportioned way, for Jews who saw their people reduced by half by the Germans, that they are entitled, still according to these sinister followers of proportion, to come and kill half of the German people ? Do the Jews have thus the obligation to murder 42 million Germans, so that we can still not accuse them of disproportion?

I really empathise the word obligation, because if we really want to respect the meaning of words, the proportioned term having a very precise mathematical meaning, the disproportion must also be denounced when the number of Jewish victims is superior of the number of victims of their enemies.

But until now, not even once have attacks against Jews or against Israel been considered as disproportionate, not even once have the false charges against Jews or against Israel been considered as disproportionate.

Nothing of that kind. The "disproportionate" term is reserved today: it is used unanimously only when accusing Israel, to dispute its right to defend itself.

By the way, Israel’s neighbouring enemies don’t get fooled, as opposed to assailants using murderous words. Not only do they confirm that considering a ratio of 1 to 1 as fair is perfectly ridiculous, but they go even further by talking about a ratio of one Jew for 1.000 Arabs. That is, however, the number of prisoners they require in exchange for the hostage Guilad Shalit. As no pacifist has made the slightest complaint yet, does it mean that this ratio would represent in their view the closest acceptable proportion?

In fact, in the course of the past centuries, if the Jews had responded to the attacks they had to undergo by respecting the rules of the strict proportion, there wouldn’t have been any Christians or Muslims left on earth for a long time.

Before concluding, I wish to point out on two cases of real disproportion which are at the origin of many sufferings.

The first disproportion is the huge human, financial, material and temporal means implemented, destined to track any stumble of Israel, while in numerous places of the world, people die silently by hundreds of thousands, with the biggest indifference, due to the lack of care and means, murdered in the shadow, far from the spotlights aimed only at the Jewish State.

The second disproportion, is the stubbornness of the world which absolutely wants to create a nth Arab country on the Jewish piece of confetti, while the Muslims, although hundred times more numerous than the Jews, already have one thousand times more land.

And if somebody wishes to mention refugees, I shall say that Israel did not wait 60 years to absorb 600 000 of the Jewish refugees fleeing Arab countries. It is more than the total number of Arab refugees at the time.

And it was done silently, without firing a single rocket at Libya, without committing a single suicide attack in Iraq, without blowing up a single Air Algeria plane, and, neither with the help of billions of dollars of charity from the whole world.

Today, on its piece of confetti, among other things, Jewish refugees of Arab countries coexist in Israel with a million Israeli Arabs who did not run away in 1948 and who were not massacred for as much.

As for the total number of Jews still living in the Arab world nowadays, it totals less than 5 000 souls.
Disproportionate, isn’t it?

That is what I had to say about this word, unleashing anti-Semitic passions always less concealed. I hope that this clarification can contribute to restore the facts in their right proportions.

Even if in the eyes of fanatics, this answer still risks to appear disproportionate.

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